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Sweetpotatosoup with Isfjord Cod and shrimps

Allergies: fish

Coalgrilled leak with roe, burned cream and dried rated Svalbard reindeer

Allergies: fish, milk

People at Gruvelageret

Reindeerfilet with doughbaked celery, polenta, redwine-and berrysauce

Allergies: milk, celery, sulfit

Safrancream on a hazelnut base, caramellized pears and multegranité

Allergies: milk, egg, nuts

4 Course 949,-

Wine Pairing 550,-

Other Information

Price 949,- per person

Wine menu 550,- per person

We may change the menu as needed due to limitations of supplies.

Please remember to inform us about your allergies in advance.

We only take payment by credit card.