About Gruvelageret

A unique dining experience

We are proud to have restored and rebuilt Gruvelageret in Sverdrupbyen - a historic part of Longyearbyen - into a new and unique fine dining restaurant. The restaurant's interior focuses on the history of early coal mining in Longyearbyen, over one hundred years ago.

Our kitchen staff take pride in serving genuine, exquisite food with a love for arctic cuisine.

We know that many of our guests are travellers visiting Longyearbyen, either private or together with their company. Often our guests have had a hectic day with a lot of adventures, and have been out in the arctic wilderness since early morning. We want to give our customers a unique food experience in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere while we show you some of Longyearbyen's proudest history as an old mining town

You will still be placed out in the Arctic wilderness, right beneath the Longyear glacier, and we make sure that everyone with a busy day behind leaves us satisfied to perhaps explore the local pub Karlsberger Pub, or to go to bed to be rested for a new day in Longyerbyen.

In addition to the seasonal menu, we also offer customised events. We want Gruvelageret to be a place for everyone and are able to handle all extraordinary requests.

These are some of the things we offer, and if you want something else out of the ordinary, please send us an e-mail. We also cooperate with our sister company, Svalbard Explorer, and are able to customise your entire stay at Svalbard.

  • Group dinner with several courses, wine menu and a historic introduction

  • Representation, meeting area and conferences

  • Concerts and cultural events

  • Baptism, confirmation, weddings, memorial service

  • Birthday and bachelor parties

  • Company dinners or parties