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WHITE RABBIT 2019   White Rabbit guys were back in February! Artem Losev and Vitaly Istomin have been working on the famours White Rabbit Moscow, which is on Worlds 50 Best Restaurant-list and is also featured in Netflix' Chefs Table. They are now working for the "White Rabbit-Family" developing New concepts. It was as great as last time, With dishes based on childhood recipes from Russia. As last time there were some exotic dishes on the menu, for instance, have you ever tried rabbit tongue?

March 22nd, 2019|


POLARJAZZ 2019: THOM HELL In this year Polarjazz festival concert in February we were so Lucky to have Thom Hell visiting us. Thom Hell is a great Norwegian artist, and the concert were sold out the minute the tickets was released. As the other years the guetst carried torches and walked up to Gruvelageret in the darkness, and experienced a Nice and intimate concert surrounded by firelit candles. We love the Polarjazz concert also since we know that high season is then about to begin!

March 11th, 2019|


TRONDERPARTY (TRØNDERFÆST) In November we got a request from the locals from the middle part of Norway (trøndere) if we could host a traditional "trønderfæst" (party for trøndere). The middle part of Norway is famous for having parties With their traditional Food, rock Music and "karsk" (liquor and coffee). We flew their traditional Food, sodd, up With a plane from mid-Norway so it would be exactly like they were used to from home. With a full house and waiting list, and a party that lasted the Whole night long, we can for sure say that there will be a Trønderfæst in November 2019 as well.

November 15th, 2018|


FRA MESSEKOKK TIL MESTERKOKK We had a pop up dinner in September that was exactly what Gruvelageret is all about: Øyvind Bøe Dalelv is a one to watch in Norwegian dining, broad experience from Michelin restaurants such as Stadtholdergaarden, part of the Norwegian Cooking team and a finalist in the Norwegian Chef of the Year. He brought his father With him, John Dalelv, who has been a Chef in the mining city Svea here at Svalbard. While Øyvind served us delicious dishes, his father entertained us With stories from back in the days. Hence the name "Fra messekokk til messekokk" which best can be translated to "From an Industrial Chef to a Master Chef". A truly magical [...]

November 15th, 2018|


POP UP DINNER 2018: BULGARIAN FUSION Our Head Chef Filip invited Bulgarians best Chef Georgi Bovkovski for a pop up dinner in May. Bovkovski has experience from several world-famous Michelin restaurants and is currently making a big career in fin dining. He is devoted to the Bulgarian cuisine and served a 7-course meal where all courses had elements from a mountain sheep that roams the Mountains in Bulgaria. A truly special experience With delicious Food you may not find at Your own supermarket...

November 15th, 2018|


POLARJAZZ CONCERT: IDA JENSHUS At Polar Jazz Festival 2018 in february we had the amazing artist Ida Jenshus performing. As usual the guests walked With torches up the hill. The concert was very warm and pleasant, and after Three years cooperating With Polarjazz we can now proudly Call this a tradition.

November 15th, 2018|