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Filming With Tina Nordström

Filming With Tina Nordström The famous Chef Tina Nordström and her crew was at Svalbard in the end of May filming for her New TV-show, "Tina i fjällan" ("Tina in the Mountains). They needed a Kitchen for location and asked us, which we were quick to say yes to. Interesting days assisting the crew and spending time With such a great Chef!

June 9th, 2017|

Eurovision Party

Eurovision Party Saturday, May 13, the international final of Eurovision Song Contest was held in Kiev, Ukraina, and we held Our first Eurovison Party at Gruvelageret. The final was shown on a big screen, and the guests were dress in glittering and Sparkling clothes. We served Food from the hosting countra Ukraine, on the menu was Borsch-Soup, Kiev chicken and blinis. We gave out prizes for best costume and for voting closest to the final result. This was such a fun night and we already look forward to next year!

May 18th, 2017|

A tribute to Adolf Lindstrøm

A tribute to Adolf Lindstrøm February 17 we had a special evening at Gruvelageret. We made a menu based on the recipes from Adolf Henrik Lindstrøm. Lindstrøm was Chef on the most famous Norwegian expeditions, together with Norwegian heroes like Nansen, Amundsen and Sverdrup. He was known for his good mood and his way to make food light up the day, even when they are stuck in the ice for several years. We made a 4 course menu, and our own owner Steve was the Chef of the day, dressed up as Lindstrøm and serving us amazing courses, like soup with mosk ox and fish prepared like they did in the ice. Author Jan [...]

February 23rd, 2017|

Polar Jazz Concert with Øystein Greni

Polar Jazz Concert with Øystein Greni In february 2017 we again had a concert at Gruvelageret during the Polar Jazz Festival; the Norwegian singer Øystein Greni entertained over 100 guests. Greni is known from the Norwegian band BigBang and has been very influential in Norwegian rock. The guests walked up to Gruvelageret with flaming torches lighting up the road in the dark. Greni gave us a beautiful intimate concert that was heartfelt, charming and mesmerizing.

February 23rd, 2017|


Polarjazz 2018 With Ida Jenshus We were so Lucky to have the amazing pop artist Ida Jenshus for the jazz festival 2018 at Gruvelageret. As usual the audience walked With torches from Huset and up to us. Ida did a great concert and managed to make a very Nice athmosphere. After Three years Cooperation With the Polarjazz festival we are proud to say that this is turned in to a tradition and we can not wait for next year.

December 15th, 2016|

Arrival of the Fossil Hunters

Arrival of the Fossil Hunters! Norway most prominent paleontologist, Jørn Hurum, has been 11 summers at Svalbard digging up dinosaur fossils. At the return of his 11th season he visited us at Gruvelageret, doing a lecture about their project and showed pictures from the latest season not yet released. Gruvelageret was sold out days in advance, and after the lecture we served a three course dinner and held the bar open till 03.00. We even had a guest Chef; our own owner Steve entered the kitchen for the occasion!

August 13th, 2016|